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Teaching Students With Learning Challenges

Teaching Children With Learning Difficulties
Making Math More Fun for Kids


There are many reasons for learning challenges and the main one is usually the learner is not developmentally ready to understand a particular concept. The main areas of delay are in social skills, reading, writing, spelling and math. If a child is not ready to understand what is being taught then they are unlikely to grasp a strong foundation of basic skills on which to build subsequent learning. These are the children who get "left behind" and may never "catch up" to their peers unless an astute teacher is aware of their developmental level.

Observing children as individuals and having a sound knowledge of child development is essential for you as the teacher to recognise and remedy any challenges within your learners.

You as the teacher need to acknowledge different learning styles and levels of development in your learners and plan an inclusive teaching mode to enable all learners to engage in your lessons and activities. This will take time but if you are organised from day one to assess and record behaviours of your learners you will be off to a flying start.

Learn Effective Strategies to Help you Teach Students with Learning Challenges

It is important to have a questionnaire for parents as they are the people who know their children best and have been their first teachers. Be respectful of parents and cares opinions and concerns as this will allow for open communication. Never label a learner but complete a full assessment in your learning environment. We are quick to see the challenge as belonging to the child when it maybe that you have to modify your teaching in some way to accommodate the learner. This may mean asking for help for learners who need one on one contact for certain activities. You may need to assess the learner for the benefits of a resource teacher in some areas. Professional assessments may need to be carried out. It is helpful to have this done but if all it does is label a learner without give a solution to the challenges then it should be seen as a negative step. Make sure that there is a positive outcome to a professional assessment as this can be very supportive to learner, parent and teacher.

Watching students withe learning challenges become successful in your classroom is a very rewarding experience and should be seen as you making excellent progress as a teacher. Your aim for all children should be that they reach their full potential. So be the teacher who recognises differences and caters to challenged learners by examining all possibilities.



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